Do you sell gift cardsYes (click here)

Is there an age limit?  No.  Generally 4+ are good; depends on the child.  We have had climbers as young as 2

Is there a maximum or minimum weight?  Max 300lb.  Min for auto belay 25lb.  No min for boulder or top rope

How much is it?  Child $12/hr or $17/day; Adult $15/hr or $20/day including shoes & harness rental

Do I need a reservation?  No (only groups and parties need one)

Where exactly are you locatedInside Shreveport Indoor Soccer -at the very end of American Way

What are your hours?  We are open every day; see bottom of homepage for up to date hours

Do I need to have experience?  No.  We have plenty of beginner routes

What shall I wear?  Comfortable athletic clothing

Do I need to wear socks?  It's up to you; most people do with rental shoes

Do you have group rates?  Yes, please call

Do I need to do anything prior to climbing?  Complete a waiver prior to your 1st time

Can I book onlineYes (some services)

Do you offer birthday partiesYes

Is there a kids section?  Not a separate one, but we have tons of kid-friendly routes

Do you offer lessonsYes

Do you offer boulder and top-rope?  Yes, both (we also have a rings course and a slack line!)

How many auto belays do you have?  Nine (9)

Do you change your routes?  All the time; 20+ new ones every week

Do you have gear for sale?  Yes, shoes, harnesses, chalk, etc

731 American Way  Shreveport  LA  71106  •  (318)734-0197  •  info@grockclimbing.com